Naliya- Time Lapse (feat. Lexxi Saal) *Track Of The Week*

Naliya- Time Lapse (feat. Lexxi Saal) *Track Of The Week*

This week our track of the week is ‘Time Lapse’ from Canadian producer Naliya and LA vocalist and songwriter Lexxi Saal.

NALIYA EXPLAINED "We wrote Time Lapse with an easy flow, it came natural to us. It was cool to work together being synergistic females at the board and on the mic. We wanted something moody that could showcase Lexxi's voice and my production.  Time Lapse shows a raw and emotive exploration of dysfunctional yet encapsulating relationsHips”

‘TIME LAPSE’ is a cool piece of moody electronic pop. Soulful vocals from Saal against a melancholy chord progression build to the drop and the groove that follows is undeniably catchy and danceable. Recent releases by Naliya include deep house track “Oh My” and collaboration with LA-based producer 5ALVO, “Fuck.” Listeners can download these in addition to “Time Lapse” on all popular streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

We look forward to hearing future collaboration from the duo and Naliya elaborated they are “Planning to release as much music as possible. It won’t be long before Lexxi and I have another one to put out!" 

The track is out now.